Weekend Views : Labor Day (2013) & Transcendence (2014)

Hey guys, how was your weekend? With the Easter day on Friday makes me (and all of us I guess) have a rather longer weekend than usual :) So, aside from doing homework and duty at work, I enjoyed a couple of nights with hubby watching Labor Day (2013) and Transcendence (2014) at late night cinema show. Out of my expectation, both have a little romance in it. I have both likes and hates on these two films, both almost have the same scores. Furthermore, you can read it below :

 Labor Day (2013)
 photo laborday_zps8a95e8c5.jpg

IMDB Summary : Depressed single mom Adele and her son Henry offer a wounded, fearsome man a ride. As police search town for the escaped convict, the mother and son gradually learn his true story as their options become increasingly limited.


As a great fan of Up in The Air (2009) and enjoyed several movies directed by Jason Reitman, Labor Day (2013) is actually one of the movies I anticipated this year. Continue reading

Review : Nebraska (2013)

 photo nebraska_0_zps6d1a89dd.jpg Not much movies I watched back in February, but I pick the great ones (aside this, another one is The Apartment). But one that very much stuck in my mind was Nebraska (2013), the latest movie by Alexander Payne. I can’t say that I loved all of his films, but he brought depth on each of his films, hitting each of his leading character a very low situation, to the point they break their nerve and got desperate. The good thing was he always slip a little comedy, with a light angle so it didn’t felt too heavy. Continue reading

Memorable Movie Moments #9 : Birthday

 photo mmmbirthday_zps1c325c53.jpg  Welcome to the new episode of Memorable Movie Moments. As you probably know, the blog’s turning one year older last Tuesday. So, in the spirit of the theme, today I look up some memorable birthday scene. Not necessary a birthday party or in a celebration, but quite a turning point. They are :

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