Soundtrack Pick : Divergent (2014)

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15th means time to feature a great soundtrack. Also starting for the 2014, is Divergent. Composed with Junkie XL along with the legendary Hans Zimmer, Divergent soundtrack features Ellie Goulding, Snow Patrol and M83. These are my favorites :

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Review : Nebraska (2013)

 photo nebraska_0_zps6d1a89dd.jpg Not much movies I watched back in February, but I pick the great ones (aside this, another one is The Apartment). But one that very much stuck in my mind was Nebraska (2013), the latest movie by Alexander Payne. I can’t say that I loved all of his films, but he brought depth on each of his films, hitting each of his leading character a very low situation, to the point they break their nerve and got desperate. The good thing was he always slip a little comedy, with a light angle so it didn’t felt too heavy. Continue reading

Memorable Movie Moments #9 : Birthday

 photo mmmbirthday_zps1c325c53.jpg  Welcome to the new episode of Memorable Movie Moments. As you probably know, the blog’s turning one year older last Tuesday. So, in the spirit of the theme, today I look up some memorable birthday scene. Not necessary a birthday party or in a celebration, but quite a turning point. They are :

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Let’s Join Our Birthday Giveaway!

birthday giveaway bannerHappy Tuesday! This day marks a new year for the blog, which turns one year older! To walk this far kind of, well, far, ahah. Movies can’t cure cancer, but it does inspire, whether they intended it or not. Movies inspire, is what makes me run this blog. It still is.

While last year I invited some of my closest friends to watch movies together in a viewing room, this year I thought I’d give you a set of good DVDs. Unfortunately, I can only give this quiz to local readers/Indonesian based only. So if you live in Indonesia, please read this post carefully. I’ll give 3 winners each 2 DVDs : Continue reading