10 Moral Lessons : How to Train Your Dragon (2010)


Couple of weeks ago I just watched the animation based on 2003 English book, How to Train Your Dragon (2010). Aside from it’s great 3D visuals and cute dragons, the movie have a great message in it. I’d like to share them, but I should warn you, many spoilers in it :

1. The old slang, don’t judge a book by its cover, never gets old. Like Hiccup’s (Jay Baruchel) slender body often gets underestimated by the Vikings, who have big muscular body. That’s the main reason why he’s in charge of swords and weapons. But he couldn’t just sit there and not do anything, he tried to help but not as smooth as his plan.

2. Hiccup just need some time to discover his real talent. But he follows his gut not to kill the dragons, which help him more than the other way. Yes, following your own intuition proves to be more helpful other than following other’s steps.

3. Basically all creatures are the same. Once they are threatened, they fight back. And like humans, like the dragons in the movie. You hurt them, you got hurt too. You get what you give.

4. Don’t get satisfied too easily. Hiccup’s classmates refused to read the dragon theory book since they think they already good. But the next day, they could not face the dragon during one of the classes.

5. You should not just read the theory, but experience it. Hiccup did not only read the dragon theory book, but tested how to face the dragon.

6. When Hiccup try to create Night Fury’s wing tail, he failed couple of times until he succeeded. You just need extra patience, determination and time to succeed. Shortcuts won’t last long.

7. The basic of why the dragons obeyed Hiccup is because he had a sincere heart, just to help, and nothing else. Not like the rest of Hiccup’s classmates who only wanted to kill the dragons and show their skills.

8. Anything feels scary at first. Like Astrid (America Ferrera) who’s scared to ride with Toothless, then enjoy the ride with it when flying with Hiccup.

9. Set aside your ego for higher purpose. Hiccup’s father, Stoick the Vast (Gerard Butler) as the leader of Viking tribe, got mad after he found out Hiccup befriend a dragon and decides to kill Red Death with the rest of the Vikings, ignoring Hiccup’s warning of the danger. But his actions bites him back, as many of his people got killed by the event.

10. I know the dragons is just a myth, but in the movie they are also a living thing like human. All living thing are united, live in the same world and so it’s important to keep the world peaceful.

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