2012 : Best Soundtrack

Writing for Soundtrack Compilation for a year, some of them are 2012 released. I’ve decided to pick top 5 of them. These picks surely subjective to my taste and to my opinion most stand out soundtracks. Click the titles to see their post. Here they are :

1. The Perks of Being A Wallflower | Review
Why : Since I am a child of ’90s, I am familiar with the nuance and songs of the decade. The movie totally relate to the music, have a lot of great references. Pretty relevant to the high school theme. I just love the whole mix of the soundtrack.

2. Ruby Sparks | Review
Why : Since Ruby Sparks is an indie movie, it was a bit unusual to hear French music behind and Nick Urata’s scoring perfected the magical and romantic feeling of the movie.

3. Moonrise Kingdom | Review

Why : The visuals were definitely a 10, but the music somehow makes the summer dan playful mood more tasted. Also a French music composed by Alexandre Desplat, quite authentic and romantic.

4. Life of Pi | Review

Why : The Indian feel plus its peaceful atmosphere was different. Also felt a little bit mystical and imaginary. Cradle us to the beautiful picture.

5. Snow White & The Huntsman | Review

Why : I honestly want to highlight Florence & The Machine‘s Breath of Life track. The song was powerful and intense. And the videoclip managed to trick me into watching the movie.

Also loved : Til Kingdom Come – Coldplay (Amazing Spider-Man), This Too Shall Pass – Ok Go (The Vow), September – Earth, Wind & Fire (Intouchables)

The Best Not-So-New Soundtracks I’ve Discovered in 2012 :

Life’s A Happy Song | The Muppets (2011)

Sufjan Stevens – You Are The Rake | Restless (2011)

Cary Brothers – Blue Eyes | Garden State (2004)

Jonsi – Go Do | We Bought A Zoo (2011)

Sting – Every Little Thing She Does is Magic | Wedding Singer (1998)


Readers, what is your favorite 2012 soundtrack? Do you agree or disagree with my picks? Also, Happy New Year 2013!