2012 : Favorite Stylish Movies

It’s December, and I’ve been listing some of my favorites from 2012. Though there are some strong candidates, I still feel like it’s incomplete. I need to see more from 2012. In the mean time, let’s focus on stylish movies from this year. Not much, but enough to make me post some of the good wardrobes. Some of them are iconic, like Moonrise Kingdom. Here they are :

Moonrise Kingdom

Wes Anderson’s latest film, Moonrise Kingdom, certainly a visual treat. Dare enough to be stylish all the way from the props to the colors. Suzy, the teenage runaway girl only wore 1 wardrobe that was adorable for her age. Certainly an iconic style.

Moonrise Kingdom


Ruby Sparks

Zoe Kazan, who played Ruby Sparks and also wrote the script, very representative on today’s modern outgoing girl. She often used purple stocking and simple knee-length dresses.

Ruby Sparks #1


Lola Versus

The story is another thing, but Greta Gerwig’s clothing in Lola Versus caught my eyes. Her best friend in the movie, Zoe Lister Jones was also pretty bold in her outfits.

Lola Versus #1


Lola Versus #2


Dark Shadows

I’ve already featured Dark Shadows in my Halloween post, but this one is my favorite outfit.

Dark Shadows-5


Also stylish….


This is probably a popular choice for men.


 There you go. Any thoughts? Or, do you have any other movies from 2012 you’d like to vote?

16 thoughts on “2012 : Favorite Stylish Movies

    • Haha, that’s fine, Asrap! You proved that you’re strong enough while most men readers probably will scroll away. By the way, I just added Skyfall. Just remembered the movie surely is fashionable for men.

  1. Okay, I’m obsessed with your fashion posts now.

    This one is great! I haven’t seen Lola Versus but I love the photos and matchups you chose for the film.

    A movie that sprung to my mind for this list was Stoker. I’ve never wanted to adopt a gothic style so hard. I really felt the urge to buy a bunch of colored dresses.

    • Wow so so great to hear that! :)

      I loved Stoker wardrobes, almost do it for the feature, but feels a tad plain. When Mia wears it, she could pull it off. Stoker is 2013 release here.

      Thanks, Lindsay!

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