40 Things I Love From : Up in the Air (2009)

 photo 8a6c540b-ad6d-49c8-8aab-699820ab0378_zpsa3a2d893.jpgAs part of Inspired Ground‘s 3rd year anniversary, I want to feature 40 things I love from the movie that encourage me to blog about movies; Up in the Air (2009). This post should be posted on birthday week, but I can only manage to do it now (sorry for the lateness!). I just bought the dvd two weeks ago (I should buy it earlier, but better late than never :D ). I saw the deleted scenes from the bonus feature, and I honestly think they shouldn’t delete it from the original release! Some reviews said that the movie felt divided, Ryan Bingham’s character in first and second half is different. Well, the deleted scenes explained more about his life transition. I’m going to stop since I don’t want to spoil any plot endings. Let’s start of reasons why I love this movie :
 photo up_in_the_air_contact_zpse89f9d97.jpg1. The Opening Title Up in the Air have a lovely opening title that showed different cities in America from the top view, as if you are seeing them from a plane. As it turns out, Shadowplay created the opening credit and they have made 2 other opening films of Jason Reitman; Juno and Thank You for Smoking. The lovely opening title said to be the most challenging one of all three films, and the beauty of it is that you can find it significant in any era.

2. George Clooney It’s excellent to pick Clooney as the lead. He’s altogether Mr. Perfect man, looks good in a suit and seems to handsome to attach to one woman. I’ve never liked him before this movie. Scroll down to know why!

3. Vera Farmiga True, I’ve seen her first time in this movie. Vera has a combination of smart, beauty and toughness that is rare. She also directed her own movie, Higher Ground. Well, she’s one of my favorite actresses above 40 years old, still looks charming and gorgeous.

4. Anna Kendrick Up until now, after seeing her in several roles after this movie, I still think Natalie is her best role. Not only because she’s nominated for Oscar, but she’s natural as Natalie; smart, ambitious, but underneath still fragile and naive.

5. Help Yourself song (Sad Brad Smith) The song played when Ryan is in his old town, attending his sister’s wedding. Soothing and calm, relaxing after a high demanding job.
 photo anna-kendrick_up-in-the-air_zpsf1a01d4c.jpg6. Fashionable Formal Wear Suit and leather shoes. They did show how formal wear is fashionable. Seriously, who wears suit better than Clooney?

7. Smart & To-The-Point Dialogues I’m just not a fan of rambling and long dialogues. Perhaps the job’s field make them to talk straight forward, cause really life will not wait for them.

8. The Quote (1)

Ryan Bingham: You know why kids love athletes?

Bob: Because they screw lingerie models.

Ryan Bingham: No, that’s why we love athletes. Kids love them because they follow their dreams.

9. The Competition Ryan and Natalie both looked ambitious and competent in their job field. You can feel their competition to look the best in office.

10. How Adorable Natalie Cry After Being Dumped After looking tough and intelligent in her office and her work place, she let go of her defense and cries in front of Alex and Ryan

 photo nataliecries_zps1349317d.gif

12 thoughts on “40 Things I Love From : Up in the Air (2009)

  1. I was never a Clooney fan prior to this film. This film really sold him for me as an actor, and his surprising ability to connect with the viewer was incredible. I wasn’t as enticed by the Descendants, but this certainly won him over in my book. Great post and great points! Most of those quotes kill me every time…I need to rewatch this.

  2. I didn’t expect to love Up in the Air, but it’s a great film. It feels like everyone just fit into their role. This is one of my favorite George Clooney movies/performances. Great post!

  3. The opening titles for this film are a little bit of genius. So well put together. Think one of the highlights for me. Liked the film, but think I saw it after the point it’d been a bit over-hyped.
    Jaina recently posted..Why do I blog?

  4. GREAT list here! I really do love this movie, for many of the reasons you mentioned. My favorite scene in the film is when Clooney asks Melanie Lynskey if she’d like him to walk her down the aisle. Her reaction is just devastating.

    PS, that astronaut scene was trippy.
    Alex Withrow recently posted..the Directors: Terrence Malick

    • Yes I remember that. That’s what you get if you’re never home, ahah. I didn’t realize it was trippy. I don’t think it’s much of a problem though. I understand more about Ryan’s transition.

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