’70s & Pure : Virgin Suicides (1999)

Lately I have been focusing more on adult women clothing in this feature. But there’s always room for teenage edition. Virgin Suicides (1999) is Sofia Coppola’s first feature film, based on a novel by Jeffrey Eugenides (confession : I have the copy but haven’t finished until now). This is one dark teenage movie, youthful with desolated tone. Added Air‘s music, this is one different movie about teen girls. Of course, it’s what make Sofia Coppola recognized by people and surely a great movie to start her career as a director.

Because the suppression of the story was about these sisters who were raised in authoritarian family, their image are innocent and pure. Set in the ’70s, the Lisbon sisters iconic clothing were floral dress, school uniforms and ’70s casual wardrobes. My personal favorite is the lace dress. Hope you enjoy these sets!

 White Lace Dress
 photo 600full-the-virgin-suicides-screenshot_zps7fa35600.jpg

Virgin Suicides-2


Floral Top and Hipster Jeans
 photo Virgin-Suicides-Fashioncopy_zpsccc1f156.jpg

Virgin Suicides-4

Asymmetrical ’70s Dress photo 2590321013_6a13014f14_zpsdada6f32.jpg

Virgin Suicides-5


 Maxi White Floral Dress
 photo tumblr_krp6ur9XvI1qzabqqo1_500_zpsedc5dbb9.jpg

Virgin Suicides-3


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This is a reformat post, as back in my first year of blogging, I once posted this same movie for fashion feature.


Readers, what do you think? Do you hate/love the movie? Or, any favorite from yours?