Announcing: Blind Spot Series 2014

blindspot bannerThe other day I went to Ryan McNeil‘s movie site, The Matinee and found out a blogathon called Blind Spot, where we created a list of films we must watch for next year. It’s amazing that some bloggers have been doing this for years and I think it’s a crucial thing for a movie lover. Confession, I did spot this theme by some bloggers before, but I actually did not know what Blind Spot really is (thought it’s a holy list from a famous magazine or site or something :D ). Anyway, I love the idea and I think I should do it. Here’s my list :

The Apartment

wild strawberries


City Lights


Clockwork orange


Star Wars

Singin’ in the Rain


Days of Heaven

All About Eve



Let’s hope at the end of (next) year, I’ll finish this list all satisfied and proud :) Readers, any thoughts? Have you watched these films?


25 thoughts on “Announcing: Blind Spot Series 2014

    • I actually have been avoiding watching Godfather since it seems brutal, but I figured I must end that, ahah. What the hell, I should just give it a look. I hope so too! Looking forward for your list too!

    • Ahah, I think it’s normal you react that way ;) I know, I am ashamed that I’ve never seen it while I watched many people have been inspired by it and complimented it. I should just give it a look and end this thing. I hope so too. Thanks, Jaina.

    • I have been putting on hold watching Clockwork Orange, but like some movies in the list, I just have to watch it and get it over with. Good for knowledge, at least. I hope I’ll enjoy Days of Heaven. Thanks, Nostra

    • Ok, good to know that :) had to put The Apartment since Cameron Crowe said that it’s his favorite film.

      Parts of Psycho? Was it too scary or something? XD just kidding.

  1. I’ve seen Star Wars, Psycho, The Apartment, All About Eve, City Lights, Singing in the Rain and The Godfather, and they’re ALL AWESOME. Hope you enjoy them!

    Really need to watch A Clockwork Orange, Wild Strawberries and Persona too!
    Sofia recently posted..Aconteceu em Novembro

  2. was it brutal? I dunno i think i’m just lacking interest in Godfather (or Citizen Kane, no matter how many lists mention it as one of the greatest film)

    Anyway i just realise you listed Singing In The Rain! OMG one of my personal fave! I hope you’ll enjoy it as well!
    karamelkinema recently posted..Don Jon (2013)

  3. Ok. I have seen every one of these films and some of these are my absolute favourites, like in my top 20 of all times and almost half of them are in Top 100. I really hope you like them as well. It will be great to get a first hand reaction on something like The Godfather or Psycho. Really looking forward to your reactions, Andina.
    SDG recently posted..Catching up with 2013 Mini Reviews: Part II

  4. Of the list, I only haven’t watched Castle in the Sky, but I also haven’t watched so many classic like Apocalypse Now or Schindler’s List. A confession: I just finished the Star Wars trilogy the past 6 months for the first time, so I’m with you there.

    Would love to recommend you check out the whold Bergman’s filmology. His works are outstanding and I’d loved to hear your thoughts on these.

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