Blogging Break & Links

Readers, after being pretty busy these couple of days, I now officially need some time to do a blogging break. My activities have reached its peak for these last 7 days. But somewhere between I’m enjoying it. I do miss to be able go watch movies and blog about it. In the mean time, I would like to share some links from my fellow bloggers :

Steve reviews Seven Psychopaths (2012), a film I recently featured on the soundtrack.

Preparing for his Halloween movies, Chris rounding-up October early.

Scott reviews one of the movies I anticipated, Beast of the Southern Wild (2012).

Check out what Sati is planning for Halloween in her blog.

Ruth continues covering Twin Cities Film Fest 2012, the recent she shared her view on The Sessions (2012).

With Skyfall is coming soon on the cinemas, Max listed his Top 10 Favorite Bond Theme Songs.

Asrap shared his list of 10 Childhood Nightmares, great topic for Halloween!

Sophia reviews The Special Relationship (2010).

Alex listed 10 Great True Story Movies You Already Know the Endings To.

Nostra shared Blogging tips to increase traffic and comments.


Will be back after a week. Thanks for visiting and commenting :) Or, you could share your recent viewing here in the comments.