Bold & Beautiful : The Aviator (2004)

 photo bannertheaviatorfashion_zps59683116.jpg  This post was supposed to be posted on Monday, but you know daily routinity sometimes just gets in the way. This time, I want to feature one great movie in 2004, the one who got plenty of Oscar nominations and won some. But believe this, I did not know that it won Best Costume Design until after I polyvored the wardrobe. Yup, the movie is The Aviator (2004), a biographical movie of Howard Hughes, a man with many titles, one of it was an aviator. Leonardo was great, and like the title, he was definitely a bold character. But I really fell in love with Cate Blanchett as Katherine Hepburn. She also won Best Supporting Actress because of her performance. Originally I want to focus just her, but I thought it was more fun to add Mr.Hughes himself in the post.

It’s all formal wear and pants (and sunglasses), very classy and vintage (I seem to love lots of things in this area). Sandy Powell did an excellent job, she also worked for Martin Scorcese in Hugo (2011). Anyways, hope you like these collections :

  • Outerwear #1 : Leather jacket, boots & formal wear

 photo aviator_leo_1_zpsf6532235.jpg

Aviator 2

  • Blazer, blouse & brogues

 photo aviator_cate_2_zps7391efb3.jpg

Aviator 1



  • Suit, tie & khaki pants

 photo aviator_leo_2_zps10cdb6a7.jpg

Aviator - 3



  • Plaid blazer, blouse & pants

 photo aviator_cate_1_zpsccd5ace0.jpg

Thank you, Polyvore

Readers, as usual, thoughts are very welcome. What did you think about The Aviator?

6 thoughts on “Bold & Beautiful : The Aviator (2004)

    • Well, I actually thought it’s one of the best from Leo. But I think I was kind of irritated of his ambitiousness, made his role unsympathetic. Perhaps that’s the reason? Yes, I love Blanchett’s androginy look in this film. Thanks, Mette

  1. This film has such GREAT costume design, I love the style. Especially men’s wear, since the women’s not really my thing, but the men… definitely yes. I love how Leo fits those times so well. And I agree with Mette, DiCaprio deserved something for that performance, it was fantastic!
    Sofia recently posted..Kryptonite

    • Leo definitely dressed proper in this, such an exclusive look. He was excellent acted as Howard Hughes, but I may not like it more than you. Thanks, Sofia

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