Effortlessly Cool : Reality Bites (1994)

Reality Bites

Reality Bites. It’s Monday, take a shower and say hello to routinity. I’ve been skipping fashion from movies since Halloween. Now it’s time to get back. I have some movies in mind, but somehow I fell for Reality Bites (1994) for this edition. I highlighted the soundtrack in my early days of blogging. The movie reminded me of how back in the ’90s, Winona was very popular. I remembered enjoying this movie so much, I practically have My Sharona playing in mind while working this post. I want to focus on Winona Ryder’s character, Lelaina.

She was known for her short messy hair and red lipstick. She’s not the preppy type, and most of her clothes looked used and casual. But somehow she looked great anyway. Why, I think because of her tomboy and cool attitude. Yes, attitude is told to be important, not just the best clothes. Of course, thanks to Winona’s innocent look, she did looked effortlessly cool. I think most of her clothes are wearable 20 years later, like today. Let’s take a look :

#1 Denim vest & skirt

Reality Bites #1
#2 Red tanktop and jeans


Reality Bites #2


#3 Maxi Dress and Flats


Reality Bites #3

#4 White Dress and Flats


Reality Bites #4

Thank you, Polyvore


I also picked one of the movie’s song as one of the best romance soundtrack. Readers, any thoughts? Do you like the movie too?