Inspired By #6 : My Neighbor Totoro & Links

Hello, it’s a new week. I hope you enjoyed your weekend. Mine? Mostly stay at home, have a bit fever but after having a little rest everything are back to normal. Looking at this post title, you might think, ‘hey, didn’t I read this already?’ Nope, I just decided that today’s Inspired By & Links features My Neighbor Totoro (1988) again. You probably read the first one and yup, this one is just as cute (and so wonderful to read). I’d like to thank my friend, Ockto for tweeting this link the other day. Apparently, in Japan there’s a real replica of house told in My Neighbor Totoro, designed by the son of animator Hayao Miyazaki, Gorō Miyazaki. The house was created back in 2005.
 photo kaau-xlarge_zps9c9e8554.jpg

One of the beautiful things about Ghibli studios movies is the presence of nature they brought. My Neighbor Totoro tells about a father and his two kids just move in this cozy house between the village. It surrounded by trees and nature, very home-y and peaceful. Take a look at the house in the books and below the designed house.

Inspired by_book vs real

Look at the insides. Wow.
 photo kau-xlarge_zpse6ad4fe7.jpg
 photo ku-xalarge_zps4e52fc45.jpg
 photo ku-xlaarge_zps1e251f19.jpg
 photo ku-xlargae_zpsa5de735b.jpg

If they made this house here in my country, I’d totally consider to rent it for the weekends! Very accurate work. You can bookmark this one to visit when you travel to Japan located near Nagoya. You can read more from (all images are from Kotaku).


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