My Movie Year : 2009


“Have you ever wondered what the best year

for movies was?”


Joining Fandango Groover‘s blogathon, a great topic for its category. It’s not really hard to pick a year, since I thought many movie in this year was brilliant and still is. And it is the year where the movies made me want to do movie blogging. The year is 2009. I managed to find 15 movies, but I compiled 10 I love the most. They are :




Mary & Max


Cast Away On The Moon

castaway on the moon

(500) Days of Summer


Up In The Air

Up in the Air

An Education

An Education



Yes Man

Yes Man

3 Idiots


Best Of Times


other great movies below top 10 :

Actresses, A Single Man, Julie & Julia, Away We Go,

Bangkok Traffic Love Story



Readers, what’s your movie year?


22 thoughts on “My Movie Year : 2009

  1. Great list! I’ve seen most of them, and from the ones I’ve seen, I’ve enjoyed all of them. I like that you inculded Mary & Max , 3 Idiots, and Julie & Julia too. Now interested in checking out Cast Away On The Moon. Don’t know much about that one.

    If I were to pick my Top 5 from 2009 it would be Up, Inglourious Basterds, (500) Days Of Summer, District 9, and Up In The Air.
    Asrap recently posted..Retro Superhero Movies

    • I haven’t watch District 9, but Inglorious Basterds I thought was too violent. Cast Away On The Moon is a South Korea movie, funny but at the same time emotional. I highly recommend that movie!
      How could I not include those movies ;) they’re awesome! Thanks, Asrap
      Andina recently posted..My Movie Year : 2009

  2. I thought you would pick 2009, I know you loved that year of cinema ( : Hmm, I’ll have to think, maybe I’ll pick 1980, 1982, or 1999. Will do this meme at the weekend hopefully ( :

    Is a great idea for a blogathon, though got me thinking that if someone had seen 100+ acclaimed films from each and every year, then they would all be good years? ( :
    Chris recently posted..Songs for your iPod

    • Yeah, you know me ;) I thought the same thing. But I guess it’s back to the person, how movies are subjective. I loved 2009 movies because they tend to have great message (I should’ve put this on the post, oh well).
      Andina recently posted..My Movie Year : 2009

  3. Some amazing films on this post, Andina! I adore (500) Days of Summer and Up in the Air; I can’t watch Up though because it’s just far too emotive. It just makes me cry my eyes out every time!
    Amy recently posted..Battleship Review

  4. Interesting list. It’s great that you included Coraline – wonderful film. You really love 500 Days of Sumer :)

    I’ve spent the last few days wracking my brains trying to remember what I watched in 2009 – I watched a lot but few films stood out – Me and Orson Welles, An Education, The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, and Moon were my highlights. Other films I watched Avatar but I doubt I’ll watch it again. Up in the Air came out in 2010 in the UK so that didn’t count.

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