Review : Monsters University (2013)

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“I’ve been waiting for this my whole life! I’m gonna be a scarer!”


Though Monsters University is one of the movies I anticipated this year, I was a little bit pessimistic, considering its predecessor (Monsters Inc.) was very good with the depth of the theme, is hard to match animated films ever produced. What else could be given from this film after Monsters Inc? Can it match the previous film? In terms of the achievement of the theme may not be, but of the whole movie, to be honest I was very entertained.

Monsters University is the prequel of the movie Monsters Inc, where the story of Mike (Billy Crystal) and Sulley (John Goodman) set in MU (Monsters University), where they are still studying to be a scarer. Mike has been obsessed since childhood to become a top scarer, everything he did was for a purpose and MU is the right place to achieve these ideals. There Mike meet Sulley, the blue monster with a surname popularity that has become a legend among the city’s famous scarer. Sulley quickly gain popularity in campus because of his high skilled ability to scare among other students.

That fact certainly whipped up his passion for Sulley can match, and eventually he was able to compensate for Sulley, so the competition they can not be avoided. After the terrible tragedy that occur due to competitive examinations that aren’t controlled by they both, eventually Mike and Sulley were excluded from the scare class. It did not stop there, Mike ended up following the team scare competition, with the aim to scare the class back. With Oozma Kappa team, which consists of the cute and unpopular monsters, such as Squishy, Art, Squibbles, and Terry Perry brothers. But because they don’t have enough people for the team, Mike was forced to accept Sulley to join this team. The story then gets predictable, how their team compete against the other to be the best.

Sulley and Mike’s friendship become the main menu of this film. Their silly behavior became almost comical presentation throughout this film. The debate between Mike and Sulley occured at any time during the race. Interesting to see how they argue, which is very different from what happened to both of them in Monsters inc. But hey, this is the beginning of both of them being the best team. Overall this movie was made more dramatic than ever, we are more approximated to understand the character Mike and Sulley intact, how does the process of their friendship formed.

Visually the film is even better than before, where the movement of the figures, and color images were also smoother and brighter. The action scenes are also noticeably smoother, providing an entertaining spectacle. Figures and monsters are also more varied, so it added the cuteness of this film. Also interesting to see the figures in the Monsters Inc come here as a teenager. Although the portions were not too much, but this is enough to bring us to remember the events and things that are behind them in the previous film.

The theme of this film is much lighter than Monsters inc, and admittedly will be difficult to compensate for previous achievement. But I think the formula were presented in the film is very fitting, where cheerfulness, humor and variation of each character become the main power of this film, making it more able to be enjoyed by the children.

Message we can take from this movie is that we desire may sometimes not comparable to our ability. Accept and be grateful that we have is the best thing to do. But in addition to that of course, having one friend who can complement each other is a very valuable thing.
Once again, Pixar studios succeeded in producing a quality animated presentation, which is more and more evident as the best animation studio. Monsters University is an entertainment that will give us endless laughter while watching this.

PS : Don’t miss an imaginative short film titled Blue Umbrella as the opening film

Movie Score :

bintang 3