24 Hours of Movies

I am joining Myfilmviews‘s blogathon. The rules are simple, you can pick any movie you like that has been released (even ones that you know are hard or impossible to get) and fill the day with watching them. I’m probably not that available now (having 24 hours to watch movies), it seems fun to do all day watching movies. Especially those movies you want to watch again but there’s no time.

I’ll be picking movies with light themes, mostly flicks and probably a bit soul searching. In reality, I’ll probably be sleeping in the last 4 movies :)  But it’s all for fun. I’ll start the day at 9 am, after breakfast etc.


Happy-Go-Lucky (2008) : 1 hr 58 min

Watching cheerful Poppy would be great in the morning, and a couple of laughs. I’ve been meaning to re-watch this movie. Poppy’s easygoing and positivity should influence good to start the day.


Office Space (1999) : 1 hr 29 min

I assume this 24 hours of Movies is positively on a holiday, so why don’t watch movies about offices. I watch half of this movie when I was younger and I think I lost it somewhere.


Wedding Crashers (2005) : 1 hr 59 min

I am in need of something funny right now, so I thought seeing this movie will keep me entertained. This movie never failed to give it. Continue reading

Annie Hall (1977) : Fashion

Although the movie fail to stand out for me, but Diane Keaton as Annie Hall do have a great sense of fashion in this movie. Tomboyish but fits her character. A vest, brown trousers, a tie and laid back attitude :) I do think physically she look like a classic version of Katie Holmes. Wished I had a better full picture of what she’s wearing. Here’s what I found.

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