2012 : Top 5 Indonesian Films

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It’s a breakthrough for me to have watch such solid Indonesian films in 2012. One in fact is a classic and screened in last year’s Cannes Film Festival. What concerns me is that a lot movies from this list was screened less than a month because its lack of viewers. Come on, temen-temen, katanya mau film Indonesia berkualitas tapi kok gak didukung film-film ini? You missed a lot. Many of the successful ones already have a fan base, when it was based from novel. But I rarely impressed by them. When it comes to The Raid, it already have rave reviews from international film festivals before it was released in Indonesia.  Despite that fact, I respect local movies far more than years before. I think 2013 could be a great year for it. Without further a do, here’s my top 5 Indonesian films in 2012 : Continue reading