What I Get From The Movies : June 2011

I decided to make the movie report monthly to be a bit fun. Before I wanted to use the word ‘learn’ instead of ‘get’, but I thought I don’t always see drama movies or the ones that I can learn from. Besides, every individual can’t necessarily get the same value or lesson in such movies.

A lot more movies to watch this month. It may have because there are more holidays or I am very excited to review movies in a new domain :)


Le Grand Voyage (2004)

A big responsibility suddenly handed to Reda as a younger child. It turns out there’s deeper meaning rather than took his father to his spiritual task. Parents, as sometimes maybe hard to be with, are the ones that most valuable to us. Read my review.


Rango (2011)

Weird and funny animal characters made it different from any other animation. I don’t know animation movie could be so gigantic on adventure side. It was fun and entertaining, but too heavy for kids. The ending is predictable though.

Rating : 3,5 Stars


Dear Galileo (2009)

Dear Galileo







Two best friends decided to go away to foreign cities in Europe. But there’s no place like home. If you unable to travel, then watching traveling movie theme could be a solution.  Read my review.


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Soundtrack Compilation #1

There are a lot of great or good soundtracks of a movie, but often not all tracks in one album are great. I would give posts for the good ones to share.  This could be found from the movies I watch lately or some random soundtrack that I like. Hope you enjoy it.


Sarah Mclachlan – Blackbird (OST I Am Sam)


Mick Jagger – Old Habits Die Hard (OST Alfie) 

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