Soundtrack Compilations #8 : Our Idiot Brother (2011) & Forgetting Sarah Marshall (2011)

This edition of Soundtrack Compilations, I pick two light but feel-good movies; Our Idiot Brother (2011) which I just have seen and Forgetting Sarah Marshall (2008), one of my favorites last year. Different from usual, I gave you each 3 songs because I surprisingly enjoy them all.

Forgetting Sarah MarshallOST Forgetting Sarah Marshall (2008)

Though I already seen the movie couple of months ago, I didn’t notice until now that the movie has some great, easy listening tracks. The stars in it also contribute their song that some of them performed in a movie, like Russell Brand’s Infant Sorrow and some of Jason Segel’s character song creations. Check out acoustic track from Jesse Harris, Secret Sun, and upbeat, catchy track from The Coconutz’s, These Boots Are Made For Walkin’. But I love the most these 3 tracks : Continue reading

Soundtrack Compilations #4

It’s the part of the week where I shared a little knowledge about soundtrack. This time I expand the category to TV series, because the bands I chose are in them :) I hope you enjoy my picks.


The Bird and The Bee – Diamond Dave

The Bird & The Bee have been in numerous soundtracks such as Sex & The City the movie, appear in Grey Anatomy’s and Forgetting Sarah Marshall. This single was the one I found the newest to appear in the movie Funny People, from their album Ray Guns Are Not Just The Future.


The Pierces – Glorious
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